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Expert advice on protecting your phone from water damage

Individuals have bee able to protect the phone from the motherboard and screen damage. Unfortunately, the case of water damage has increased. Here are some expert tips that will help you protect your phone from water damage.
• Make sure that you keep your phone away from all sources of water like pool and even your cup of coffee
• Moisture is the worst enemy of the phones because it can enter everything. Assure that you keep the phone covered and in your pocket to protect from moisture as much as you can
• Use the waterproof covers if you can find them in the stores near you
• Accidently if the phone has fallen into water it is important that you dry it immediately to reduce the amount of damage that will be done by the water

PhoneDoctor provides the best Google pixel repair services

Providing the Google pixel repair services for the water damage is not an easy task. In case water has entered the motherboard we will have to take extra care to assure that the functionality of the phone will not be compromised during then repair.
Our experts will open the phone and will use the small blow dryers to remove the water from the screen, camera, motherboard and other small parts of the phone. Once done they will check for any signs of moisture and will remove it properly.
Chemical changes will take place within phone due to which rusting might happen. We will use special tools to remove the rust from all the connections and links to the phone. Our experts will double check the phone to assure that there are no signs of water and rust before closing the phone once again.

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Why you should not visit the service center

As soon as the phone is damaged most of the people think that they should take the device to the service center for the Google pixel repair services. They do not understand that they will cost extra and you might have to pay more than $200 for the repair services. Apart from that, all the date of your phone will be lost and it will take 5 days to get your phone back.
At PhoneDoctor we take only 30 minutes to repair the phone and we provide 3 months warranty. All types of Google pixel repair services are available like screen, motherboard and battery repair services with risk coverage.

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