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PHONEDOCTOR+ provides our customers with the REAL 3 Months Warranty for our repair parts. There are many others who pretend to provide longer warranty periods on paper but only provide excuses or disappear when you try to claim it. We only ask they you return the product unbroken and with your valid receipt.

Diagnostics at our outlets is absolutely free. We open up your phone, diagnose your phone and wait for your decision whether to fix. We do not hold your phone hostage and hard sell any repairs here. Our company policy is that we are only successful if you are happy. So be as ease to repair your samsung note 8 with us.

Our repairs are carried out in a SUPER FAST speed as we have highly capable mobile phone technicians recruited from China. We try to complete all basic iPhone screen repairs within 30mins or less. We try not to let you live without your phone for too long. We understand too! Just hop by to ask our staff if you need your repair urgent.

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We are really good at what we do. PhoneDoctor+ has a strong edge over other repairs shops as we have the strength in numbers. Also we do direct manufacturer sourcing making our costs much lower and any defects easily feedback to our suppliers for iPhone 8 screen repair. Dont believe we are cheaper? Just call us for a quote.

Our price quoted on the phone are all NET inclusive of service charge and GST. Don't others add more to your already heavy burden. We even provide discounts for ALL repair customers on your tempered glass and cases for your ultimate satisfaction. Fix your samsung s7 edge with us tdy!

We provided free In-Your-Face diagnostics and quote you a fair price for your repairs. Best at Cracked Glass replacement for Lates Models iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, S5, S6, S7, Note 5 & Note 8 Series. We use Gorilla Glass for our repairs!

We have a Dedicated research Workshop in Singapore specializing in finding out new common problems faced by your smartphone. iPhone touch disease, Samsung eMMC sudden death failure are just some of the manufacturer defects that many phones are facing. Memory upgrades, battery problems are all issues we challenge ourselves to fix.

If you need your repairs done URGENT & within a specific time, please make it known to our staff and we will try our best to expedite your repair. Don't worry as we are used to doing it ULTRA FAST. Our technicians are so skilled that iPhone 6 screen repairs only take <30Mins.

Our parts are OEM from suppliers such as Foxconn. Even the smallest parts such as camera, battery & screens are constantly tested for quality and all have a min 3 Month Warranty so that you can get MAXIMUM SATISFACTION for your money paid. Don't pay and get Less.


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