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PhoneDoctor Singapore IPhone Screen Repairs, Fast Service. Replace iphone screens, fix cracked screens. Full Warranty for all iphone screen repairs. 20 minute iphone screen repairs

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Where to find the best services

1. Professional team:
You must have to meet our professional team then you will realise how professional they are in their field. They are expert in their work and having the experience of many years. So, give your iPhone without any tension. You will be satisfied after checking the results.

2. Prepare on time:
As we mentioned above, our team is very professional so, they try to deliver their phone before the deadline. If you are not satisfied with the service, then you can reclaim the services, and we will fix your device without any charges.

3. Prices are affordable:
Our prices are fixed and very low as compared to market prices. However, these prices are also negotiable because we do not want to give you trouble at any cost. The repair and re-installation prices are different. You must discuss the price as well with the customer care officer.

Screen issues

1. Cracks and scratches on the screen:
The screen of the iPhone is susceptible that is very it can be break easily. Alternatively, most of the time, because of the excess use of it, it may get damaged or got scratches on it. They look so odd that is why you need to fix it. Come to us and fix it rapidly.

2. Blank LED:
Sometimes with the minor hit on the phone causes LED issues, the screen starts blinking or sometimes goes blank. Do not worry, bring it to us and you will get your device back within a few minutes. We can replace your phone's LED into a new one.

3. Black spots on the screen:
All smartphones are not waterproof so, in case your iPhone fall into the water and after dry the screen showing a malfunction. Bring it to us quickly and take it back after repairing that take hardly 30 to 40 minutes maximum.

Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy
Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy

We have the best services

1. All kind of services available:
We have software engineers and professional technicians in our team that are ready to fix all the iPhone's issues.

2. Device’s material:
We use to fix your iPhone's screen with the brilliant AMOLED and gorilla glass. The gorilla glass is high in quality; that is why we prefer it for most of the time. If you require another glass, then you can ask for it.

3. Required time:
We are providing the gorilla glass replacement in 30 to 40 minutes, and all the services are reliable. If you have any minor issue, you can be free after a few minutes. We have quick service.


You know that your phone needs a change of battery when it starts to need multiple power bank charges a day. A battery should last about 9 hours of medium use. Our battery changes are using OEM Foxconn battery which can be completed within 15mins.

Warranty Period: 3 Months/ Time Taken: >20Mins/ Repairs Monthly: 200


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If your iPhone 6/ iPhone 6S is not charging it could be only 3 things 

  1. Battery Issue ~ Cheap 
  2. Motherboard PMIC failure ~ Costly >$120
  3. Charging Port ~ Average

Warranty Period: 3 Months/ Time Taken: 40Mins/ Repairs Monthly: 120


Losing signal and wifi may have a variety of reasons. At BFN we can diagnose each and every problem in a moments time and quote you a reliable price for a quick fix. Not everything is costly sometimes the phone just needs a little bit of tweaking for the signal to return.
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Dropping your iPhone into water required a urgent isopropyl bath to remove all excess moisture. BFN will then do a full scrub of the motherboard to remove build up of rust before checking for lesser component damage. With our high success rate why worry? iPhone Repair Singapore. iPhone wifi repair. iPhone home button repair. iPhone lock button Repair. iPhone power button Repair. iPhone water damage repair.

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