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Phonedoctor is your one-stop Samsung Note 10 Plus repair service. We fix water damage, charging problems, speaker issues and more. Samsung Note series are some of the most popular cell phones on the market and Samsung’s newest release has been a big success. The Samsung Galaxy Note line is known for its large display screens and great camera quality as well as many other features that have made it one of the top selling smartphones in Singapore. Phonedoctor has been providing all types of Samsung Note 10 Plus repairs so we know just about everything there is to know about these devices!


Quick and affordable Samsung Note 10 Plus repair service

For Samsung Note 10 Plus repair service done the right way, choose Phonedoctor. Samsung Note repairs are a specialty of ours and we have the most competitive prices in town. We can fix your Samsung Note problem quickly with our fast turnaround time–less than 24 hours!
Phonedoctor is proud to offer: – Fast turn around time–less than 24 hrs (Same day) – All types of smartphone screen replacement services including Apple iPhones, Samsung phones such as the Galaxy S and Note series, or Google Pixel devices. We also replace screens for tablets like iPads and other models on request!

Symptoms of a water damaged Samsung Note 10 Plus

The Samsung Note 10 Plus won’t turn on, or the Samsung Note 10 Plus has an error message.

Watermarks are visible anywhere in the Samsung Note 10 Plus (either around ports and buttons or on the screen).

Puddles of water accumulating under Samsung Note 10 Plus battery.

Your Samsung note feels wet to touch–even a little dampness can lead to this problem!

If your Samsung note exhibits any of these symptoms, give Phonedoctor a call for fast repair service at affordable prices! We will replace your damaged phone with one that is as good as new within 24 hours! 

A Samsung Note 10 Plus phone that has been exposed to water is likely broken. The first thing you should do when a Samsung Note 10 Plus gets wet is dry it off thoroughly with a towel, and then remove the battery if possible. The great myth of keeping your wet Samsung Note 10 Plus under a bag of rice may not be successful in the long run.

Phonedoctor can fix your Samsung Note 10 Plus water damages for an affordable price–so definitely contact us! We are committed to providing amazing customer service, quality repairs at competitive rates, and flexible hours to suit your schedule.


Symptoms of a damaged charging port on Samsung Note 10 Plus.

Charging cables will not stay connected to the Samsung Note 10 Plus.

The charger must be placed in a specific way for the Samsung Note 10 Plus to charge successfully.

The device may get extremely hot while charging when another wire has been used instead of Samsung’s provided cable. 

Charging your Samsung Note 10 Plus takes longer than usual.

The charging stops suddenly at different intervals.

Phonedoctor Samsung Note repair professionals can replace your Samsung’s broken charging port and get you back up and running with a fully functioning device. 

The Samsung Expert at Phonedoctor will take care of the full Samsung Note 10 Plus repair for you, so that all you need to do is relax while your phone gets fixed.

Symptoms of camera damage on Samsung Note 10 Plus

Samsung Note 10 Plus camera is not working.

Samsung Note won’t take a photo or video, and will only show the “fuzzy” preview of what should be captured by Samsung’s camera software on the screen. 

Samsung Camera app freezes when attempting to launch it from home screen.

The camera displays cloured lines.

You can’t record videos on your Samsung Note 10 Plus

If you have any of these symptoms, please contact Phonedoctor for professional assistance! We replace Samsung cameras quickly at affordable prices so give us a call today before your phone dies!

Source: Apoorva Bhardwaj / Android Central

Symptoms of a damaged battery on your Samsung Note 10 Plus

Samsung Note battery won’t charge. 

Samsung Note takes too long to charge. 

Samsung Note doesn’t sound like it is charging while plugged in.

You know that the charger works because other devices work fine on this charger.

There is a bulge on the back due to the battery swelling.

Your fully charged battery dies within an hour.

If your Samsung note has any of these symptoms, contact Phonedoctor for a free diagnostic repair! We replace Samsung batteries (and chargers) quickly at affordable rates, so give us a call today before your phone dies for good!

The problem could be with:

The logic board inside the phone not getting power from the battery correctly
A bad connection between either the logic board or motherboard and the battery contacts
Corrosion on one or both connectors–either one can cause problems.

Symptoms of a damaged motherboard on Samsung Note 10 Plus

The Samsung Note won’t turn on or charge.

Samsung Note won’t boot up at all and will continuously be stuck on Samsung’s logo screen before turning off.

If the Samsung is connected to a charger, the charging icon will light for two seconds then disappear without any other activity happening.

A distinct burning smell coming from Samsung device when it is turned on.

Strange noises emitting from Samsung phone while attempting to use its features (i.e., music playing).

Your Samsung Note 10 Plus may have become an expensive paperweight if you’re experiencing one of these symptoms! Stop what you are doing immediately and call Phonedoctor–we replace faulty motherboards quickly so give us a call today before your phone dies for good!


Symptoms of a damaged LCD on Samsung Note 10 Plus

Your Samsung Note battery drains quickly without use (due to uneven light distribution on the LCD).

The Samsung screen is dim and difficult to see if you’re indoors or in low light (even at full brightness).

Samsung’s screen flickers intermittently while being used.

There are yellow, green and blue lines on the screen.

Parts of your touch stops working.

Samsung will shut off after a few seconds when an app is opened, or the device won’t turn on at all can also be symptoms of a broken LCD panel! If any of these are happening please contact Phonedoctor right away–we replace faulty Samsung LCD and cracked screen with quality parts as quickly as possible so don’t wait until your phone dies for good! We’ll get you back up and running within 24 hours!

Symptoms of a damaged speaker on Samsung Note 10 Plus

The Samsung Note speakerphone is not working.

When Samsung Note volume is turned up all the way, you can hear a rattling or buzzing sound coming from inside your Samsung device.

Your Samsung phone will emit static noises when it was in silent mode (even with vibrate on). 

You may also experience distortion while playing music through Samsung’s speaker.

If any of these symptoms apply to you please give Phonedoctor a call–we replace faulty speakers quickly at affordable rates so don’t wait until your phone dies! We’ll get you back up and running within 24 hours!

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