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Come to PhoneDoctor+ for your iPhone screen replacement within 30mins or less. Our screens are covered by manufacturer warranty of 3 Mths. Most of our stock comes from OEM suppliers such as Foxconn.  At our outlets you can rest at ease with our superb quality and standard. If there is any problem within this period less breakage due to carelessness, we will COVER IT! Just come by with the valid receipt and unbroken product we will honour it.  

Warranty Period: 3 Months/ Time Taken: 30Mins/ Repairs Monthly: 300

*Please do note there have been some complaints of some cheap alternatives who repair at your home or office with the pretense of being convenient, however most of these are 1 man firms & when warranty is required they are unable to be contacted due to being unwilling to travel due loss of profit.


PhoneDoctor+ is one of the first shops who are capable to do glass replacement for both iPhone & Samsung phones. We have nearly 100 pieces of phones each day which go through this service. That is why we are so proficient in changing the screen. Most companies who do your glass replacement will not cover a long warranty as there actually is a high chance of malfunction after the glass change especially those which are severely cracked but still undergo the process of heat & pressure compression. For such badly cracked cases we will tell you upfront that it is not good to change. 

However, here we provide you with also 3Mths of Warranty if we do the repair and whatever problem of touch sensitivity or failure we will honour as long there is no breakage and damage to the screen. 


Facing issues with your iPhone but don’t want to spend about a thousand dollars on a new device? Well, there is absolutely no need to buy a new iPhone for yourself when you can easily repair your old device that too with a tight pocket.

There are many iPhone repair centres in Singapore that provide quick and affordable services for almost all your iPhone related problems. But many of you would wonder why to utilize service of any such local repair centre? So, here are a few really good reasons that would compel you to avail the services of any reliable repair centre in Singapore,

  1. Any iPhone repair company would actually do the same job like an Apple service provider, but at a very affordable price. For example, all of us are aware that iPhone 6 and 6S run on iOS 10.2.1 and any other higher version of the iOS will cause the battery to drain super-fast and it took quiet a lot of time by Apple to offer partially sponsored Battery Replacement Program to its consumers for these iPhone models, but even after that the repair services offered by any Apple service providers is expensive when compared to other iPhone repair centre’s present in Singapore.
  2. Most of these iPhone repair companies have their own running website, where you can find all the information regarding the products they use, from where they are sourced, and even their pricing structure.
  3. One of the most important features of using the service of an iPhone repair company in Singapore is that you pay only after your phone has been repaired, hence you are not at all worried about spending tons of money but in the end not getting any adequate service against it.
  4. These centres have all the means and expertize to repair any model of an iPhone including the latest ones.
  5. In case of emergency many repair centres will even mend all your problems within a day or so. Although they will charge a bit extra for the purpose but yes will get the work done faster and deliver your device at the earliest.
  6. Any reliable iPhone repair centre in Singapore will use only original spare parts and hence even provide you with a warranty of 3 months. They are very transparent about their products and clearly mention from where and how they source all spare parts.
  7. Some of these companies even offer you a 7 days’ money back guarantee. Hence just in case your phone is not working even after getting it repaired, they will promptly pay you back.
  8. Most of the reputed iPhone repair centres have a team of highly efficient and dedicated motherboard technicians and when this capability is coupled with easy access to almost every single spare part of an iPhone, there is no such problem that these repair centre’s cannot provide a solution for.
Most Common iPhone Problems or Issues:
  1. Battery: because of the degradation of the lithium polymer almost all phones require battery changes and this is one of the most common and general problem in an iPhone.
  2. Motherboard failure: this is very common in iPhone 6+ & iPhone 7+
  3. Not Charging: it is recommended to change the charging port every 2 years to eliminate the build of grim and rust and enable proper power supply to your iPhone.
  4. Crack screen glass: one of the most common and regular problems of iPhone users is a cracked glass screen, which can be efficiently replaced at any iPhone repair centre in Singapore.
  5. Water: if you accidently drop you iPhone in water, it takes about $30 to clean it up
  6. Power & Home Button: again, one of the most common problems especially with iPhone 7+ is the touch id failure
  7. No Display: sometimes your phone will not display anything on the screen, the problem is not un-common but getting it repaired is a bit costly.
Some of the Best iPhone Repair Centres in Singapore:
  1. BreakFixNow – an iPhone repair centre

    BreakFixNow is one of the most ideal places to get your iPhone repaired in Singapore. It considers itself to be the pioneers of gorilla glass technology and hence offers a 30-40 minutes iPhone screen repair service, which is evident from the impeccable customer reviews they have under their belt.

    It’s not just the screen rather their highly experienced motherboard technicians can easily and efficiently solve any logic-board related issues promptly. The service charge is average considering the market and their focus is on quality over anything else.

    Location: 62 Queen Street, Little Red Dot Building Unit 1 S188541

  2. Chinatown – iPhone Repair Singapore

    This is rightly considered as one of the cheapest places to get the screen of your iPhone repaired in Singapore. If requested, they use original parts only, but charge a bit more for that. Their services are cheaper considered to other such services providers because they use various parts of older models with are sourced from OEM factories in China.

    They can repair anything starting from an iPhone, iPad to even Samsung screens, LG, Xiaomi, etc. Their chargers are very transparent and everything is regularly updated on their Facebook page.

    For all original parts supplied they offer a warranty of 3 months whereas for promotional repairs they offer 1-month warranty.

    Location: 101 Upper Cross Street, #01-26J People’s Park Centre, 058357

  3. Mac Infinity:

    Satisfying all customer demands since 2011, Mac Infinity is known for its fast turnaround and really high success rate for repairs. Mac Infinity repair centre has one of the best customer reviews in the market.

    Location: 9 Raffles Boulevard, Millennia Walk #01-68, Singapore 039596

  4. Bedok iPhone Repair Centre:

    Bedok iPhone Repair Centre is the perfect diagnostic centre for all the problems related to any of your iPhone. Bedok also offers a free diagnostic service for any of your device and prescribes you the right fix for the same.

    Location: Bedok Mall – 311 New Upper Changi Rd, #B1-14 S467360

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