iPhone Water Damage Repair

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How to prevent your iPhone from water damage

Before we start with the repairing services the most important thing you have to consider is to assure that you protect your phone from water damage.

• The recently introduced iPhones are waterproof but for the first few minutes. You have to get water out of the phone as soon as possible.
• You can use special cases that have been manufactured to prevent water damage.
• Every time you are near the pool or any other water make sure to leave your phone at a safe place, so you will not have to deal with the iPhone water damage repair.
• In case you have dropped your phone in water dry it immediately using blow dryer to prevent further damage
PhoneDoctor iPhone water damage repair services

It has been noticed that most of the time when you will instantly dry the phone it will not cause any issues and the iPhone will start to work once again. However, if you notice that the screen is blinking, the camera is blurred or the iPhone reboot’s you should bring it to the PhoneDoctor specialists.

We have the team of experts that has been certified to deal with all such type of issues. Simply let us know the symptoms that your phone is showing. The experts will diagnose the issue and will let you know the estimated cost of the repair services.

We will take only 30 minutes we will repair your phone. You make take your device to the Apple service providers if you have your warranty but remember that they will take 5 days to repair the phone. You will have to pay more than $200 for the services and the worst part is that all your data will be lost.

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Why we are the best service providers

Before we start the repairing process our experts will remove all your data from the phone, so it will not be damaged. Frist, we will open the device and dry it from the interior to avoid the formation of rust. Them out experts will check all the parts and will repair those that have been damaged.

We will provide you the risk coverage for the time your phone is with us. After 30 minutes you can come and receive your device. All our iPhone water damage repair services come with 3 months warranty to give you the peace of mind that you have selected the best platform. In case we cannot repair your phone, we will let you know without wasting your time.

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