iPhone Battery Replacement

Replace iPhone 6s battery, fast fix service. repair internal battery, 3 month warranty, quality Part. Call 9777 7509 PhoneDoctor Singapore iPhone battery replacement

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We provide express iPhone Battery Replacement service here at PhoneDoctor+. We test your motherboard for any signs of power leakage before this to ensure that your phone will be working good as new after this battery is replaced.  Batteries are tested for quality before installation. We are the Doctors who care for your phone. 

Warranty Period: 3 Months/ Time Taken: >20Mins/ Repairs Monthly: 200


If you have some DIY skills in repairs you can purchase the battery from us and try it like in this video. Battery replacement may need some skill in removing the ultra adhesive which is behind so if those who are afraid to damage your phone please do come to PhoneDoctor+ to get it done within 30Mins or less.


  1. Do NOT use the 2.1A charger which are available on some PowerBanks as they are for iPads
  2. Try to use the original cable and not the $5-$10 cables available from roadside stalls
  3. Once the battery hits 100% remove the cable to prevent overnight charging
  4. Dont play your favourite intensive RPG game with a PowerBank charging it
  5. Off all Wifi/Bluetooth/4G capability if not necessary 

Note: If iPhone PMIC chip on phone is overloaded it will spoil and is very costly to fix 

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