iPhone 12 Mini Repair Services

The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones on the market. With a sleek design and many features, it’s no wonder why customers are so loyal to this device! Unfortunately for some people, their screens get cracked or shattered at some point in time which can be devastating if you’re not prepared with a way to fix it. Luckily we are here to handle the problem for you.


iPhone 12 mini Screen Replacement

The iPhone 12 mini screen is shattered when it’s dropped onto a hard surface, as its glass isn’t durable enough to withstand the impact. The screens are also more susceptible to cracks if they’re not covered with a case or have any scratches already on them. They can also shatter because of other incidents like being left out in cold weather, which causes condensation inside and then may freeze that moisture into ice crystals that scratch the phone; water damage from things like spills and rain; dropping something heavy on top of your device while it’s open (like keys or coins); abuse by toddlers who chew on their devices; using too much force when plugging an accessory cable into the port – all these actions will eventually lead to cracking and shattering.




One of the most common ways that the iPhone 12 mini screen gets cracked is by dropping your phone from a high level. The force causes the glass to shatter, making it difficult for you to see anything on your device. If this has happened to you and have been looking for iphone repair services in Singapore then look no further than Phonedoctor! We offer same day iPhone 12 mini screen replacement as well as other repairs.

Many iPhone 12 mini users have been experiencing problems with the screen and are looking for an option to fix it. Phonedoctor offers a service through which you can get your phone’s broken screen fixed within 30 minutes without having to spend money on purchasing new devices, doing research about how or where to buy parts, getting them shipped from somewhere else etc. We offer our services at affordable cost so that anyone can afford quick fixes of their iPhone 12 mini screens.


We offer a wide variety of services, screen replacement being one. Our prices are affordable and we get the job done quickly so you can get back to your life! With our expert technicians you can get your phone fixed in no time and at prices that won’t break your bank! So if you need any help with your iPhone 12 min – whether it is repairing or replacing something on it- stop by our store today for an appointment. We’ll be waiting for you!

iPhone 12 mini Motherboard Repair

Let’s face it – iPhone 12 mini motherboard repair is not easy. And they’re expensive to buy too. But there are many people who need motherboard repairs because of the nature of their work, and that’s where Phonedoctor comes in. We offer an affordable motherboard repair service for the latest iPhones, including iPhone 12 mini motherboard repair at prices you can afford!
Motherboard repair is required urgently before any further damage happens resulting into complete device failure. It might take few days for this particular hardware component to be repaired so make sure you have backup solutions in place.


iPhone Mini12 Mother Board Repaired

iPhone 12 mini motherboard is the most vulnerable component of an iPhone. The chances of motherboard damage are high because it comes in contact with water and dust on a regular basis, during routine use. Repairing motherboard for damaged iphone 12 mini can be done easily at Phonedoctor repairing centre cause we have expertise to tackle such delicate electronics components inside the phone. A broken motherboard will cause issues like microphone problems or camera not working properly due to faulty signals being transferred from one part of the device to another which affects functionality severely.

The causes behind these problems could also be physical abuse by dropping your iPhone 12 mini violently or repetitively shaking as well as exposing it under direct sunlight while using GPS services which leads to overheating caused by continuous usage resulting in malfunction of motherboard.

If your motherboard is damaged and your warranty doesn’t cover it, you should contact us for a quote. Not only do we offer motherboard repairs in conjunction with other services such as screen replacements, battery replacement, camera replacement etc., but our prices are also affordable! We have technicians who will diagnose your issues thoroughly and recommend what needs to be done. Your device will then be repaired quickly so that you can carry on with work right away. You don’t need to worry about any additional costs.

You can use the motherboard repair service at Apple’s authorised centers if your iPhone 12 mini is still under warranty or else it will need to be replaced with new one which is also an expensive process and not often possible due to unavailability of spare parts in the market.

Get your motherboard repair service for iPhone 12 models including the latest iPhones at Phonedoctor. We offer affordable prices and a fast turnaround time on all repairs – with most jobs being completed within 24 hours! Our technicians are experts in motherboard repair who’ll have your device back to you as quickly as possible. They’re also qualified to perform other services such as screen replacements, battery replacement, camera replacement etc.

iPhone 12 mini Battery Replacement

iPhone 12 mini Battery Replacement

We all know that battery life on the iPhone 12 mini is a major issue. With many people taking their phone everywhere they go, battery life becomes an important factor when deciding to purchase this device. The battery needs to be replaced every year or so for it to function properly and last as long as possible. If you’re looking for battery replacement service in Singapore, then Phonedoctor has your back! We provide affordable battery replacement services at our repair centre at Bedok Mall-311 New Upper Changi Rd. Contact us today at 9777-7509 for more information!


The iPhone 12 mini battery has been proved to be a reliable power source since its launch. But even if it’s very durable, there are some bad habits that can quickly ruin your smartphone battery life and need replacing. Connecting your charger or cable from an unknown device is risky business with the possibility of malware damaging your device when you plug in – so avoid doing this at all costs! Leaving apps running while not using them will drain energy and also cause temporary slowdowns.

A battery is dead when it cannot supply enough power to run the device. This could be caused by a faulty battery, or because of some other issue with your iPhone. If there’s no activity on your phone for an hour and the battery still shows less than 20% life left (an icon appears in the top right corner), then this might mean that you need a new battery. Luckily we can repair a damaged battery at our centre so give us a call!

There are a few ways to damage your iPhone battery, such as: misuse of the device; using an incompatible charger or power source with the phone; exposing it to extreme temperatures for prolonged periods. If you suspect that your battery has been damaged in any way, visit our repair centre and we will replace it at an affordable payment.

iPhone 12 mini battery replacement service by Phonedoctor is a nationwide, affordable and reliable battery repair service that provides decent battery life at an unbeatable price. Our iPhone battery replacement services are accessible to everyone in Singapore because we have contractors across the country. We offer free diagnostic testing on your device before any work can commence and this ensures our customers are getting what they need for their phone without being ripped off! We stock genuine parts so you know you’re getting the best quality possible, as well as original accessories like chargers and cables too.

The battery in an iPhone 12 mini is like any other battery, and it will deteriorate with time. As the battery ages, its ability to hold a charge gradually declines. In extreme cases, this can make your phone unusable after just 18 months of use without warning. When you notice that there’s less than 25% battery life available on your

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