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iPhone 11 Pro owners are always on the lookout for iPhone repair services. iPhone 11 Pro is a very expensive device, and when it breaks down, you need to get it repaired as soon as possible. iPhone repairs can be tricky without the right tools or knowledge of iPhone repair techniques. This is why we offer 24/7 iPhone 11 Pro repair services at Phonedoctor Singapore! We have technicians who specialize in all sorts of iPhone repairs such as screen replacements, battery replacement, motherboard repair, charging port repair and many more!

We are iPhone 11 Pro experts and we handle your iPhone repairs with care. We provide you the best quality iPhone repair services at affordable prices in Singapore. Why not give us a call today to find out more about our phone repair services?


Problems faced on iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro has been having a lot of problems ever since it was launched. iPhone 11 Pro owners have complained about iPhone 11 Pro screen flickering, battery draining fast and not turning on. These are just the most common complaints among many others too!

iPhone 11 Pro Screen Flicker: The screen is constantly flickering for some unknown reason that can’t be fixed with troubleshooting guidelines/screen replacement.

iPhone 11 Pro Battery Draining Fast: Battery drains so quickly even when using low power mode or airplane mode to conserve energy. It’s recommended to only use your phone when you really need it in order to save battery life from deteriorating any more than what it already has.

iPhone 11 Pro Not Turning On: iPhone 11 Pro is not turning on or does turn back on when the power button has been pressed.This can happen due to apps crashing, iOS update gone wrong and so much more!

iPhone 11 Pro Audio Problem: iPhone 11 Pro is having an audio problem. iPhone 11 Pro owners are experiencing a buzzing sound or crackling noise coming from the earpiece speaker and loud noises while using FaceTime, Hulu etc.

iPhone 11 Pro Broken Charging Port: iPhone 11 Pro charging port has been broken due to wear and tear or it’s not working at all when plugged in.

These are just some of the most common iPhone problems that have been faced among iPhone users with iPhone 11 Pro.


How iPhone 11 Pro gets water damaged?

•  iPhone 11 Pro can get water damaged by dropping it in the bathroom, accidentally spilling liquid on the device or even from rain.

• iPhone 11 Pro could also be exposed to moisture inside and outside of your pockets which is why they are more susceptible to damage when compared with other iPhone models. 

The iPhone 11 Pro needs to dry out for at least 24 hours before being powered back on. If you plug it in too soon then this will short circuit the battery and increase chances of permanent damages. 

• Keep an eye out for any signs that corrosion might have taken place like white residue around charging points or black spots underneath the screen etcetera since these are both indicators of corrosion taking affect and damaging parts within the phone including (but not limited to) the motherboard and charging port.


iPhone 11 Pro battery replacement services can be done by Phonedoctor Singapore too which will help you fix your iPhone if it is not holding a charge for as long or lasting anywhere near the time that it should. This could also mean your iPhone 11 Pro has water damage and needs replacing.
You need to take care of these problems with swiftness because allowing corrosion to seep through circuits in the phone will only make things worse over time.

I phone 11 pro Max Battery replacement

Phone11 Pro battery issues and solutions

iPhone batteries are one of the most common iPhone problems and can be caused by a variety of factors. We want to provide you with some helpful tips so that you know how to avoid iPhone battery drain in the future.

• Always charge your iPhone when it’s convenient for you, not just at night or before going out – this will help reduce rapid charging cycles.

• If you want to charge more quickly, plug your iPhone 11 Pro into a power outlet instead of using the USB cable with your laptop or car charger.

• iOS will automatically shut down apps running in the background that are not being used – but sometimes this can be suppressed by other programs on your iPhone. Turn off Background App Refresh for any app that is causing battery drain and turn them back on when needed. 

• Ensure all of these tips work together so that you don’t experience iPhone 11 Pro battery issues again. When it comes to mobile phones there’s always something to learn about how they behave and we hope our advice helps prevent future problems from occurring!

Our Popular iPhone 11 Pro Services

Some of our popular iPhone 11 Pro repair services include LCD replacement, battery replacement, screen replacement, motherboard repair service and more. We use quality parts for all repairs and offer a warranty on iPhone 11 Pro repair services.

iPhone battery replacement: we offer an iPhone battery that is guaranteed to last you for at least 18 months. The price of the battery replacements depends on the iPhone model and includes free installation service as well as 24hr turnaround time!

iPhone LCD Replacement: if your iPhone 11 Pro has broken or scratched screens, cracked displays or dead pixels it needs a new screen replacement and our professional technicians can do this in just 15 minutes! We also offer same day appointments which means you don’t have to wait long before getting back up and running with your mobile again.

iPhone Speaker Repair Service: Is there crackling sound coming out of the speakers? If so then one way to fix this issue is to change the iPhone speaker. Our iPhone repair team is always on standby for you and will fix any iPhone issues with a quick turnaround time.

iPhone software updates: we offer an affordable iPhone 11 Pro update service that includes all small fixes such as security patches, bug fixes etc. We also provide free diagnosis of what needs to be done before proceeding with the upgrade so there are no surprises when your phone returns home!

Iphone11 pro max all parts

Phonedoctor is one of few authorized Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASP) in Singapore that offers high quality replacements and repairs services for iPhones and other Apple products

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